X-Jets Shotgun Dual 180 | Nose 360 Combo Kit

Shotgun Dual | Nose 360 Combo Kit R1000x1500.jpg
Shotgun Dual | Nose 360 Combo Kit.jpg
Shotgun Dual | Nose 360 Combo Kit R1000x1500.jpg
Shotgun Dual | Nose 360 Combo Kit.jpg

X-Jets Shotgun Dual 180 | Nose 360 Combo Kit


This is the ultimate upgrade Kit for your Hydroflight Gear. Our kit includes everything you will need to connect your existing Hydroflight Products and Main Supply Hose to the revolutionary new Shotgun Dual 180 and the Nose 360 Swivel. Our Shotgun Dual 180 is the most advanced U-Pipe available. 

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The large amount of water "traffic" is better handled by two express lanes going around a hairpin turn rather than just one fat lane that tapers down into the discharge opening. Less intermixing equals more efficient flow. High aspect ratio channels (higher than wider) handle this better, the overall volume increases in the two lanes and is at a different ratio between the two channels due to velocity. The divider wall does not cause any volume loss. And with the additional length of the coupled X Jets Adapter Assembly, the jet discharge from the PWC Pump has an opportunity to straighten out before being turned 180° towards the front of the PWC thereby minimizing any undue turbulence.

And when coupled to our new Nose 360 Swivel System, you can say goodbye to twisted and kinked hoses. This is the same system that Hunter Verlander used to set the world record number of backflips in one minute at 44.

This Kit includes the following items:

  • X-Jets Shotgun Dual 180

  • Your choice of PWC Adapter Venturi (Sea Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki)

  • Straight Hose Flange Assembly (to connect the LeMans Feeder Hose to the Shotgun Dual 180)

  • 3 meter (approximately 10') section of LeMans Hose

  • Nose 360 Swivel in your choice of 116mm or 110mm discharge (will fit all standard 110mm hoses or the X-Jets LeMans hose)

  • Bumper System consisting of twin 2" thick round Bumper Pads, reinforced strap with stainless steel U-Shackle connector.

  • Six W5 Stainless Steel Super Clamps 110-120mm

This Kit will connect to your existing 110mm or 116mm Main Supply Hose and will work with all Hydroflight Products including all X-Jets Gear, Flydive, Jetovator Products, Defy Products, Flyboard® and all Zapata Racing Products.