X-Jets Nose 360 Kit

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Nose 360 Kit R1000x1500.jpg

X-Jets Nose 360 Kit


Say goodbye to kinked and twisted hoses forever. The new X-Jets Nose 360 Swivel Kit connects to your existing X-Jets, Flydive, Defy, Flyboard or other U Pipe by a 3 meter section of LeMans Hose giving you 3 more meters (approximately 10 feet) of length plus the benefit of a 360 degree hose swivel at the nose of your PWC. This forward swivel placement is the ideal location for a secondary swivel keeping your hose kink free. 

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The Nose 360 Swivel mounts at the front (bow) of your PWC and allows fast response for straightening and unwinding of your hose during spins, flips and other tricks. This is the same product used by Ben Merrell when he took home the gold at HydroFest and by Hunter Verlander when he shattered the world record with 44 consecutive back-flips in one minute. For use with your existing LeMans, Daytona or any 110mm Main Hose. Available in 116mm X 116mm or 116mm x 110mm, select size when ordering. 

This Kit contains the following items:

  • Nose 360 Swivel in your choice of 110 or 116mm outlet
  • 3 meter LeMans Feeder Hose (116mm)
  • Super Clamps W5 Stainless Steel Double T-Bolt Style (Qty. 4)
  • Connection Strap and Leash
  • U Shackle Connection Hardware
  • Dual 2" thick Bumper Plates (2)

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